Therapy is designed to enhance well-being through established and innovative therapeutic techniques.  Often, therapy can assist with building dynamic problem solving skills, developing effective and adaptive coping, fostering improved communication, and processing personal environments and interpersonal relations.

The modalities of therapy I use include:

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)                         ART incorporates a combination of techniques used in many other traditional psychotherapies. ART works directly to reprogram the way in which distressing memories and images are stored in the brain so that they no longer trigger strong physical and emotional reactions. ART accomplishes this through the use of rapid eye movements similar to eye movements that occur during dreaming. Although techniques similar to these are used in other types of therapies, ART’s very specific and directive approach can achieve rapid recovery from symptoms and reactions that may have been present for many years.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Cognitive Behavioural therapy focuses on the reciprocal relationship between and individual’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.  CBT encourages individuals to reflect on how their perceptions directly influence their behaviours.  In collaboration with the therapist, this therapy enables the client to build insight into their thought process and its role in their functioning.

Solution-Focused therapy is goal oriented.  This therapy encourages the client to imagine the future the way they want it to be.  They are than encouraged with the support of the therapist to collaborate on a series of steps to achieve their identified goals.  Often, the client’s own strengths form the foundation of the approach.